Bobby is experienced in a range of music situations, from a fully mic’d live kit, through to the use of drum triggers or a full electric kit set-up. He has extensive experience playing to click-tracks and backing-tracks in both a live and studio setting, as well as playing with a live band. See below for a full list of the equipment that Bobby uses.


Pearl Masters Maple – 20” kick, 18″ Kick, 8″, 10”, 12” & 14” Toms
Pearl Masters Maple 14 x 5.5″ snare
Pearl Sensitone Elite Aluminium 14 x 5″ snare
Pearl Session Studio 14 x 5″ snare


Rides: Sabian 20” AAX Studio Ride, Zildjian 20” Vintage Avedis Ride
Hi Hats: Zildjian 14” A Custom Hi Hats, Zildjian 14” Vintage Avedis Hi Hats
Crashes: Zildjian 18″ A Custom FX Crash, Zildjian 18″ Avedis Medium-Thin Crash, Zildjian 18” A Custom Fast Crash, Zildjian 18″ A Custom Projection Crash, Sabian HHX 16″ Crash, Dream Bliss 17″ Trashy Crash
Other: Zildjian A Custom 8″ Splash


Pearl Demonator & Pearl PowerShifter Single Kick Pedals


Roland RT10K, RT10T & RT10S Drum Triggers


Alesis SampleRack Drum Module
Roland SPD-S


Shure SE425 In-Ear Monitors
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones


Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Interface
Gopro Hero 5
Audix D6 Kick Mic
Rode M5 Overheads
Audix i5 Instrument Mics
SM57 Instrument Mics
MXL Aria Condenser Microphones